Thursday, November 12, 2009

All over the place...

I haven't blogged in so long because 1) I dislike it (see previous post) and 2) (the real reason) I have had NOT ONE MINUTE to do it because The Little One has gone mobile...and she's not stopping. She's constantly on the move. She was really into crawling for like, a day, and for the past few weeks has been pulling herself up on EVERYTHING...including walls and people's legs, which is excellent. Currently, her favorite thing is to pull herself up on the couch and then walk along it. So, a feather bed and a couple metal superyards later, our living room has turned into Evie's padded jail cell. (This post is actually coming to you from this very cell.)

She also was threatening some stranger danger for a couple days but now wants to go visit everyone. All the time. Every minute. She's very social and is always chatting. My parents are adding onto their house and Evie wasn't happy until she could have the contractor hold her so she could check out his beard. Lovely. But, she's such a sweetheart and I can't believe we've only had her with us for eight months! It feels like we've had her forever.

Coming to visit Mom in the front seat of the car. She hates, hates, HATES being strapped into her carseat. I should probably mention here that the car was parked when this picture was taken. Lately, it has gotten a lot harder for me to simultaneously drive and turn around to take pics of Evie cavorting around the backseat unattended. Ha ha.

Just relaxing in her stroller at the Zoo.

She has finally really gotten into eating. She literally cried the other day when I ate the last bite of a peanut butter bagel...which she hadn't had a bite of, but was just enjoying its scent and look. She goes crazy for the smell of peanut butter and always tries to eat it out of my mouth.

Evie applauds herself all the time. She really likes it if everyone says "Yay Evie!" when she claps. Nope, NOT SPOILED AT ALL.