Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Evie's European Vacation

We had the best time in Europe with my family these last couple of weeks (thanks so much, Mom and Dad!!). We went over for a Mediterranean cruise, but since it began in Barcelona, we went a few days early to experience that city. Evie was a traveling champ, doing great not only on the very long flights there and back, but being out and about all day long. She adjusted to weird milk in different countries without a problem, and she absolutely loved the food! She did great with the time change--her only problem was that the first two nights we were there, she wanted to play for about three hours in the middle of the night. But, she had so much fun and was generally happy the whole time. I'm worried she's going to be so bored at home now!

Warning: lots of photos!

Getting off the plane in Paris...just a short flight to Barcelona!

Having lunch with Grandpa in a plaza in Barcelona.

In the play submarine at the Barcelona Aquarium.

Checking out a building with Grandma.

At Casa Mila.

Hanging out at Montserrat.

Munching on a pretzel roll...her favorite.

Picking flowers in Monaco.

Checking out her purchases in Monte Carlo.

Leading Dad around Monte Carlo in search of birds.

Having yummy pasta in Florence at La Giostra.

At the Duomo.

Always chasing pigeons.

She loved the rain in Florence.

She also loved the gelato.

Hanging out in front of St. Peter's.

Stylin' in Rome.

At the Forum.

Happy to be playing in the grass.

Exploring the Palatine with Uncle Dan.

Getting a lift from Uncle Step.

At the Colosseum.

Four generations.

A rare nap.

Checking out Pompeii.

Looking at ruins with Grandpa.

Examining giant lemons with Meg.

Feeding pizza to Dad in Naples.

Taking in the view in Mallorca.

Walking around the old city in Palma.

Leading Dad around a medieval fortress.


Papsk said...

Fantastic pics!! Evie is/was a travelling pro and her Mom was great keeping everything going smoothly. Let's do it again!

Cher said...

I agree with Papsk!! Evie and Britt were champs!!! Boy was it fun!!!

megara said...

so funn!!! that was not enough pics! yay evie c

do you care if i post pics of her on my blog??

Natalie said...

Hey Britt I am glad I found your blog! I can't believe Evie is so grown up! I haven't seen her since she was tiny. she is a doll...and I hear #2 is on the way? :) congrats! -Natalie

megara said...

Seriously- this is such a cute blog. i love the picture of evie walking in front of bry the most!

moesmiles said...

What great pictures! I'm glad Evie did so well traveling. It was good to catch up last week. We need to do it more often.

megara said...

new post.