Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rolling over!

Evie is so active!  She has been rolling from her tummy to her back since she was five or six weeks old, but last week, she started to roll all the way over.  I can't leave her anywhere now.  She even rolls during her diaper changes.  It's automatic...the second I set her down anywhere she flips over.

This is Evie running.  If she doesn't roll over, she kicks her legs really fast and moves her arms everywhere.  Rarely does she lie still.  Very rarely.  I am in trouble when she starts crawling and walking.

This is Evie being a good sport in her carseat while we were running errands.  She doesn't love to ride around in the car like she used to; in fact, she tries to get out of her carseat all the time.  But, she'll tag along for a few minutes every day.


meg said...

at first glance the first pic looks like you dropped evie off at a nursery or something with other babes.

but then i realized it was a mirror.

evie balurvetz... so proud!!!

moesmiles said...

Rolling over... now the trouble starts. Changing diapers will never be easy again :) I bet she is so happy to be able to move around more.

meg said...

didn't you go to a playground today? im waiting for a slide pic.

Cher said...

Evie is the cutest, sweetest, most beautiful little one ever. I love being around her.
Keep up the pictures on the blog.
I can't get enough