Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Evie has been sick with the stomach flu for about a week now. I have felt awful for her...and it's been a long week! Hopefully, though, she's on the mend. The one bright spot for her has been the grape Pedialyte...a very nice and tasty change from formula!

She still finds time to make cute faces from her carseat.

Funny little babe!


{anyalynn} said...

I HATE it when my little man is sick! It's the worst!!!

jen said...

Oh no... Bryan breaks his hand and now she's sick?!? You guys all need to get better so I can come see you! Hope all is well~ (other than the sickness!)

Cher said...

I HATE IT WHEN EVIE IS SICK! Tirbs, please keep updating at this rate. it's great. Also- I love Evie C

ooh and this is not cher.. it's gems